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EyeLevel Legal AI is your litigation co-pilot, helping you get fast answers before, during and after trial.

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"Talk to your legal files"

Ingest your discovery and case files and be able to ask complex questions across hundreds of thousands of pages. Get answers in seconds that might take hours or days with traditional keyword search.

Each bot is trained exclusively on the files of your case
EyeLevel's unique data pipeline consistently produces AI with 95% accuracy, far beyond anything in the market
EyeLevel legal bots don't search the Internet for answers or use erroneous information scraped from the web

We turn complex legal docs into AI ready data

EyeLevel's fine-tuned computer vision model is trained on thousands of pages of legal documents, allowing us to translate your complex legal files into AI ready data and stop LLM hallucinations at the root.

If our model doesn't correctly extract your information, we'll retrain it to fit your case.

Court transcripts
Police reports
Medical files
Insurance claims
Financial documents

Case Study: Eric Fong Law

Hear how Eric Fong, a renowned Seattle trial lawyer with a track record of winning big cases, including a historic $91M verdict for a man injured during a robbery, was able to get insights into his cases in minutes that would normally take hours or days.

"In our cases, we need fast answers to complex documents in discovery: medical files, police reports, insurance claims, financial disclosures. The faster we can understand what these documents contain, the quicker I can help my clients get justice.

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Trust but verify: AI answers come with document citations

Each AI answer comes with source links so you can easily see what data the AI used to construct an answer.

Get to source material quickly
Provide confidence in the verasity of the AI response
Fast track legal research on your case files

It's easy to get started

We make it safe and easy to start your AI journey.

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We'll send you back an AI built from your docs
Ask it anything. Win cases faster.
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