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We've built AI for millions of global users over the last decade

EyeLevel was founded by a team of tech veterans who've built AI applications for millions of global users over the last decade.

We started designing CMOS chips for quantum computing at IBM Research, then built consumer AI at IBM Watson and later pioneered the conversational forecasting platform for The Weather Channel that served two million people a day.

In 2019, we saw the dawn of the large language models coming and started EyeLevel. We were developer #20 working with OpenAI.

From the outset, it was clear to us that companies would need sophisticated tooling that sits between their private data and large language models to make AI applications they could trust. 

Today, we offer APIs, no code tools and consulting to help amazing firms build AI with up to 95% accuracy. AI you can trust has finally arrived.

The EyeLevel team

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Ben Fletcher, Ph.D.

Co-Founder / Tech

Ben has designed CMOS chips for quantum computing, developed VPN architectures for mobile and pioneered consumer AI at IBM Watson and Weather Channel. He has 21 patents and a Ph.D. in physics.

Neil Katz

Co-Founder / Biz

Neil led product and content at IBM/Weather Channel with over 200M global users. He is a 4X Emmy winner.

Olivier Katz

Co-Founder / Customers

Olivier has built award-winning ad campaigns for Pepsi, AT&T and Activision. He was the first producer of South Park.

Daniel Warfield

Senior Engineer

Daniel is a data scientist who led engineering at healthcare startup OK2StandUp and writes about AI at Towards Data Science.

Mike Toner


Mike was CMO at Threedium and a senior exec at BusinessWire and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Adrian Norman


Adrian has led e-commerce and innovation teams at Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster and Dorel Sports, the parent company of Cannondale bikes.  

Rick Ruskin


Rick has 25 years experience in cloud and tech sales most recently at Technologent, Effectual and Violin.

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