EyeLevel is Truth Serum for AI

Build LLM-powered apps with up to 95% accuracy on your data.

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LLMs hallucinate because they don't understand your content

EyeLevel's APIs and No Code Tools convert your content into LLM-ready data, killing hallucinations at the roots

Computer Vision Model

Fine tuned model trained on hundreds of thousands of pages identifies tables, forms, diagrams and other content which fools LLMs

MultiModal Transform

Transformation engine converts diagrams, tables, forms and more into LLM ready data

Dynamic Chunker

Breaks your content into blocks that LLMs can readily process

4X LLM Context

Automatically generate the context LLMs need to correctly interpret your content

Powerful Ingest for RAG

Ingest your content from anywhere and convert to LLM-ready data in a single line of code

Your Data, Your Control

Enterprise security, zero effort. Built on 10 years experience at IBM. Your data is encrypted at rest and transit in a VPC with one set of keys you control

Retrieval that LLMs Understand

As simple as ingest, search and retrieve and we rewrite retrievals for optimal LLM response.

Semantic Search and Re-rank that Outperform Vector Similarity

Our unique approach to RAG search crushes the competition for accuracy
no code tools

Simple GUI for Building Bots in Minutes

Build a 95% accurate LLM app in less time than brewing a pot of coffee

Manage Your Content

Upload, process and store your data in an AI app with just a few clicks.

Design Everything

Colors, logos, graphics, video... Yup.

Launch Anywhere

Launch on web, apps, SMS, even QR codes with zero effort.

AI Readiness

Taking the first step can be hard. We help you identify the right data, think through the risks and rewards and build a plan.

Rapid POC

Get your feet wet. We help you build a low cost, low risk POC in just weeks to prove gen AI's value to your organization.

Responsible AI

We help you build AI you can trust. That means your data is secure and the answers are accurate.

Launch Anywhere

Launch on web, apps, SMS, even QR codes with zero effort.

New: EyeLevel Crushes LangChain/Pinecone for RAG Accuracy

100 questions, 1,000 complex pages of content with text, tables and graphics and one champion to rule them all. The RAG game is about to change.
Hundreds of amazing firms are building, testing and launching on Eyelevel


Take full control. Build highly accurate RAG apps without the headache.

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No Code

Build powerful AI apps with 95% accuracy in less time than brewing a pot of coffee.

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No AI team? No problem. We can get you from zero to hero in no time.

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EyeLevel customers are building the world's most accurate LLM apps

Across a wide array of industries from travel to healthcare to legal, customers are building AI they can trust.

AskVet Revolutionizes Veterinary Medicine with “VERA AI,” Doubles Margins from 40 - 80%

Trained on 2M transcripts, VERA handles 70-85% of user questions without human assistance
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Stride Builds Brilliant Customer Support App with EyeLevel APIs

EyeLevel picked over Pinecone and LlamaIndex for ease of use, power and accuracy
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Attorney Eric Fong Finds Ally in AI for High-Stakes Alaska Case

EyeLevel helps lawyers rapidly analyze vast documents, uncover crucial insights
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EyeLevel tools are changing the AI game

Join the hundreds of companies testing, building and launching AI on EyeLevel and get 95% accuracy on your data
More than 12M APIs calls fire through our battle tested platform each month
Hundreds of companies are testing, building and launching on EyeLevel
Get up to 95% accuracy on your LLM-apps. Nobody else is close

No code tools: build accurate AI with your data in minutes

Upload your documents, convert them into LLM-ready data, pick your colors and graphics and launch sophisticated chatbots and AI knowledge workers in minutes. Take a look inside the platform.

Find out what the buzz is about. Learn to build AI you can trust.

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