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AI content readiness

Great content is the key fuel of any great AI. Traditionally that's meant finding pristine numerical data inside your enterprise. LLM-powered apps are different. They are propelled by the words and ideas embedded in your firm.

Organizing, curating, securing and generating this content is a new muscle for many companies. EyeLevel will help you understand where your most valuable LLM-ready assets lie and how to unlock their value.

Corpus construction
Content sourcing and curation
Content generation
Data governance

AI app development

You can build amazing things with EyeLevel technology. We'll help you do it.

AI search
Knowledge workers / chat bots
Customer service, e-commerce, legal, training, HR and more


No bot is born a genius. By the time we're done it will be a college graduate on your content. EyeLevel has developed a testing methodology to bring your AI up to 95% accuracy.

EyeLevel's proprietary AI audit platform
Defined testing protocol to generate the proper questions, answers and scores to verify your AI can answer 95% of common user questions
Work hand in hand with subject matter experts in your firm

Ongoing maintenance

We host your LLM-powered application and are there to help you by improving its performance based on user feedback, curating new content and troubleshooting any problems along the way.

Ongoing technical maintenance
Ongoing technical support
Ongoing data security

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