Use Cases

EyeLevel's technology is being deployed across a wide array of fields including legal, customer support, e-commerce, health and more

EyeLevel for Software Development

Your clients need AI they can trust. You need power tools to rapidly deploy LLM-powered applications.

EyeLevel's APIs and no code tools turn your software development firm into a generative AI powerhouse overnight. Build the world's most accurate RAG applications for your clients. Our data pipeline for RAG delivers up to 95% accuracy.

Our benchmark study shows EyeLevel's RAG APIs beating LangChain/Pinecone by 53% for accuracy and crushing LlamaIndex by 120%.

EyeLevel for Legal

EyeLevel Legal AI is your litigation co-pilot, helping you get fast answers before, during and after trial.

"Talk" to your legal files. Ask complex questions, get answers in seconds instead of hours or days
Powerful AI search gives you superpowers well beyond traditional keyword search
Our computer vision model understands complex legal files including transcripts, medical files, insurance claims, police reports, financial docs and more
Save hundreds of hours when time is money. Personal injury, mass tort and class action firms love our tools
Source links provide citations inside every AI answer. Trust, but verify

EyeLevel for E-Commerce

Easily train bots on your product catalog, instruction manuals, user reviews, sales tactics and more.

Popular hearing aid brand Eargo deployed EyeLevel's technology and doubled their onsite leads. You can too.

Connect to popular sales tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp, Zapier and more
Our sweet spot is complex products with complex documentation

EyeLevel for Customer Support

EyeLevel is helping one of the world's largest airlines turn their contact center into an AI center by ingesting and understanding their complex contact center documentation and giving human agents the power of AI search.

Our computer vision models break down complex documentation, instruction manuals and contact center decision files that make other LLM apps hallucinate
Rapidly train, test, deploy and iterate
Update your AI knowledgebase in real time
Connect to popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot and more

EyeLevel for health

AskVet, an online veterinarian service, was able to unlock the enormous value of their conversational data with EyeLevel's technology. The firm launched VERA, the world's smartest AI veterinarian based on 1.5M transcripts.

"Moving from human vets to AI has been a game changer for AskVet's economics."

VERA is trained on 1.5M transcripts between veterinarians and pet owners
AI bot can handle up to 85% of patient questions without human assistance
Doubled profit margins from 40-80%

Eyelevel for publishing

EyeLevel is working with several major publishers to turn the brilliant work of their human writers, researchers and editors into subscriber only co-pilots that let readers get high quality answers to complex questions in seconds.

Don't let ChatGPT eat your business. Merge your content with AI and eat theirs instead.
Great for lifestyle, self help and financial publications with unique content
Great for tech publishers to generate unique lead gen
Take affiliate commerce to the next level

Eyelevel for anything

Our APIs and no code tools are hugely flexible. Our customers are constantly inventing novel use cases for dozens of industries.

Talk to us and lets figure out the next killer AI app together.

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