Win More Cases, Get Answers Faster

EyeLevel Legal AI is your litigation co-pilot, helping you get fast answers before, during and after trial.

Early Intelligence

Ask complex questions across thousands or millions of docs in discovery. Get deep insights in minutes not months.

Opposing Docs

Get a rapid roadmap to opposing counsel document production.

Dep Prep

Prepare at lighting speeds and with deep domain understanding.

Cross X Assist

Suggest lines of cross examination based on live testimony and evidence in discovery (coming soon).

Closing Assist

Ingest daily trial transcripts. Instant search of any topic or testimony. Suggest closing arguments. Predict opposing counsel's arguments too.

Appeals Assist

Have motions of appeal drafted within minutes of adjudication.

Private and Secure

Your client's data is always securely stored in virtual or physical isolation. Your bot conversations are 100% private.

Accurate and Reliable

Our proprietary AI scoring algorithm produces industry leading response.

making history

First Use of AI at Trial

Lawyers in a federal criminal trial used EyeLevel Legal to:

Ingest court transcripts nightly

Get instant recall on testimony, evidence and motions presented at court

Generate ideas and first draft language for closing arguments

Predict opposing counsel's closing arguments

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