Stop hallucinations in their tracks

Most corporate content lives in visual formats that LLMs don't understand: documents with tables, forms, diagrams, columns and more will make LLMs hallucinate. EyeLevel's unique data pipeline turns your content into LLM-ready data and stops hallucinations in their tracks.

Fine-tuned computer vision model

Eyelevel's computer vision model has been fine tuned on hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from many industries. It identifies the location of visual objects in your PDFs and other documents that are hard for LLMs to understand and sends them to be cured.

Multimodal transform

EyeLevel extracts your tables, forms, columns, diagrams and other objects and sends them to different pipelines to be turned into LLM-ready data. For example, tables are sent to a table rewriter, diagrams are sent to a multimodal explainer and so on.

Dynamic chunker

Whether you have 5 pages of content or 5 million, you can't dump truck that into an LLM app. EyeLevel's dynamic chunker breaks your content into small blocks that LLMs can digest while using semantic rules to ensure blocks don't cut off ideas midstream.

4X LLM context generation

LLMs need context to understand your content correctly. If you feed them disconnected ideas from your database, they will get confused and hallucinate. EyeLevel runs your content through LLMs four times to produce metadata that explains each chunk as a complete idea.

Proprietary search and re-ranker

When a user asks a question, EyeLevel searches your data for the blocks of text most likely to contain the answer. We use a proprietary semantic search that outperforms vector similarity and pair it with a fine tuned model to rerank your results for how well they answer the question.

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