GroundX APIs for high performance RAG

Ground your RAG applications in the truth of your data
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Build LLM apps backed by the world's first data pipeline built just for RAG

Most documents contain visual elements that confuse LLMs and cause hallucination. Our fine-tuned model trained on hundreds of thousands of documents turns columns, tables, forms and other issues into content that LLMs understand.

Get the power of the world's first data pipeline built for RAG and LLM without writing a single extra line of code.

95% accuracy, zero work

Leave naive RAG behind. Build RAG apps with industry leading accuracy (up to 95%) with all the advanced bells and whistles with just a few lines of code

Advanced ETL for tables, forms, diagrams and more
Multimodal ingest and transform
Dynamic chunking
4X LLM summarizer
Proprietary search and re-ranker crushes vector similarity

Devs love GroundX

Get all the benefits of the world's most advanced RAG data pipeline, proprietary search and 95% accurate retrievals in just a few lines of code. Build apps as simply as ingest, search and complete. But if you want to get into the weeds, be our guest. We serve up detailed retrievals with metadata, rerank scores, source links, suggested rewrites of your content for LLM performance and more.  

Go Easy: Build in just a few lines of code
Go Hard: Get all the granular retrieval data you need

Enterprise security without the enterprise headache

Designed by an engineering team with more than a decade of experience building AI at scale at IBM.

All your data is encrypted at rest and transit
Virtual private cloud with one set of keys that you control
We run as a managed service on AWS. Let us take care of the hard work for you
Coming in Q2: Run in your managed cloud on any platform

Powerful search that smokes vector similarity

Our proprietary search and ranker identifies hard to find content in your knowledge base with curated retrievals that leave vectors in the dust.

53% more accurate than LangChain / Pinecone
120% more accurate than LlamaIndex
Unlike vectors, search accuracy doesn't degrade at scale

Great retrievals: source file links and more

During RAG search, GroundX returns retrievals with all the information you need for highly performant completions that users trust

Source links for each retrieval
Proprietary ranking score
Rich metadata to improve an LLMs contextual understanding of your retrievals
Rewritten retrievals optimized for LLM completion

Bring your favorite LLM to the party

GroundX is LLM agnostic. Our APIs ingest your content, converting it to LLM-ready data, securely store your data and power search and retrieval.

For the last mile, completion with an LLM, you can connect any LLM you prefer.

LLM agnostic
Closed source, open source and everything in between

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