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First Use of AI in Federal Trial: EyeLevel's Litigation Assist Aids Defense in Pras Michel Fraud Case

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 10 - EyeLevel.AI's litigation assistance technology made history last week, becoming the first use of generative AI in a federal trial. The case involved Pras Michel, a former member of the hip-hop band The Fugees, who was on trial for international fraud charges.

EyeLevel’s litigation assistance tools were developed in partnership with experts in discovery, litigation, and legal data management and launched with technology partner CaseFile Connect. The primary benefit of this cutting-edge technology is speed to intelligence throughout the litigation process. Lawyers can obtain complex answers about the facts of their case in a fraction of the time compared to traditional legal search methods or advanced legal analytics.

"This is an absolute game changer for complex litigation," said Michel’s lead attorney David Kenner. "The system turned hours or days of legal work into seconds. This is a look into the future of how cases will be conducted."

EyeLevel's Lit Assist offers critical insights faster than human efforts and conventional technologies alone. From motion drafting and early case assessment to M&A due diligence and appeals work, EyeLevel's legal intelligence system is engineered to excel in the legal domain.

Far from eliminating lawyers, this revolutionary technology helps lawyers become 10X faster and more effective, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks and strategic decision-making.

This landmark event signals a new era in legal technology, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in the courtroom and the legal profession. EyeLevel.AI is committed to empowering legal professionals with innovative tools that streamline workflows, reduce costs, and enable unparalleled insights into their cases, matters, and deals.

To learn more about EyeLevel.AI and its groundbreaking legal AI system, please visit or contact Neil Katz, Co-Founder and COO, at

About EyeLevel.AI

EyeLevel.AI is a leading provider of advanced AI solutions for several critical verticals including the legal sector. The company's mission is to empower professionals with cutting-edge technology that streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and enables them to gain unparalleled insights into their cases, matters, and deals. EyeLevel.AI is dedicated to transforming the legal industry through the power of AI.

About CaseFile Connect

CaseFile Connect is the only secure, privileged-protecting platform that enables attorneys and their incarcerated clients to remotely collaborate, review and annotate discovery documents and multimedia, attend video-chat consultations and exchange notes to better prepare for legal proceedings and trial.  Find out how you can join the CaseFile Connect pilot program at

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